The Motivational Speeches and Encouragement You Need

As a Motivational and Keynote Speaker for the past 15 years, I have had the awesome opportunity to speak to all ages and levels of people. My audiences range from bankers to bikers and all in between. In conferences, seminars, Leadership Workshops, Schools/Universities… both Nationally and Internationally.

However, I must admit, my ability to motivate any audience on a moment’s notice is a God… I feel extremely blessed to have it!

Hosting my own radio shows and podcasts gives me the platform of inspiring people to find their place in this life and “ignite them to engage” in it.

“History brings along a set of people specifically designed for the times they live in, and the sooner they embrace it, the better they can engage in it!”

What Does Lorraine LeMon Offer?

I believe that history brings along a set of people who are specially designed for the moments in which they live. The sooner they start embracing it, the better they can engage in it. It's the best of times and the worst of times, but it's YOUR TIME. I will help you explore and discover a sense of purpose and direction.

I don’t simply send messages; I also send moments of truth. I employ a variety of characters and visuals in my presentations to create a cliffhanger effect. This makes my audience want to hold on until the very last second. They HEAR, SEE, and FEEL it! They are IGNITED!

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